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Combining Options and Chart Signals in ways you haven’t seen before

gxTrader was designed to be a robust platform for trading, so when we added options to the program, we wanted to be able to observe the relationship between an options position and the symbol’s potential technical levels.*

HPQ Option Finder

By plotting the potential profit curves for the option position directly in the chart, you are able to visualize how the option position may be effected by the technical levels in the chart. This chart of Hewlett Packard Co (HPQ) shows the option’s profit levels for the position alongside the projected gap fill target, and support level loss stop.*


OptionFinderOptionFinder scans the market and provides trading ideas for options positions based on the user’s sentiment. The user expresses this sentiment by placing a price target and stop loss level directly in the chart. OptionFinder then searches the enabled option’s strategies to find trading ideas that may match the trader’s sentiment.*

*The system attempts to recognize patterns for information purposes, however the pattern recognition software is not guaranteed to be accurate and is not a recommendation to buy or sell nor should it be the sole basis for placing a trade.



Advanced Options Tools

Calendar Spreads Credit Spreads
Butterfly Spreads Debit Spreads
Condors Straddle and Strangles

gxtrader offers many tools to help you refine you options trading techniques. Lab and Simulation mode allow you to practice with a simulated account on simulated options data. Additionally the engine lets you back-test automated options strategies and generate reports and portfolio simulations based on that data. Past Performance of strategies is not a guarantee of profits.


Access to electronic services may be limited or unavailable during periods of peak demand, market volatility,
systems upgrades or maintenance, or for other reasons. Symbols, prices, groups and industries are used
for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a recommendation.