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Signals » Performing Real Time Analysis

In Real Time Profiles, the data collection, portfolio updates, and testing run continuously. When VisualTrader loads a Real Time Profile, the Real Time Process runs one time through all the symbols in the Opportunity List. As it reaches each one, it contacts the data provider and requests historical bars based on the Data Periods dialog box settings. As data arrives, VisualTrader analyzes it and generates signals in Real Time.

Normally, a Real Time Profile initiates the Real Time process by itself as long as you are already connected to the Internet.  When you load a Real Time Profile, it automatically begins the process of analysis and signal generation.  When Real Time is running, the miniature-moving chart appears in the lower left corner of the display.

Real Time Process in the Status Bar

To stop the Real Time Process for any reason, click on the moving chart, which will change to a solid red bar (indicating the Real Time process is temporarily disabled). Click the bar again to restart the process.


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