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Patterns » Editing Pattern Settings

Click the Patterns button to launch the Edit Pattern Settings dialog box. From the Edit Pattern Settings dialog box, you can add the following assistants: Trend Lines, Support and Resistance Lines, Fibonacci Retracements, Candles, Assistant Tags, Pivot Points, Fibonacci Indicators, and Forming Patterns.


  1. Click the Patterns button.

    Edit Pattern Settings Dialog Box
  2. Make your pattern selections in the dialog box.
  3. Click Close to submit your selections and display them immediately in the chart.

The Edit Pattern Settings dialog box contains the following options:

  • Short, Medium, and/or Long—Specifies the term for each pattern. A short-term pattern occurs from 1-16 bars. A medium-term pattern falls between 17-32 bars, and a long-term pattern occurs at 33 bars or greater. For Support & Resistance and Trendlines, the term is determined by the pivot points that the pattern uses.
  • None or All—Specifies whether VisualTrader will display Candle patterns.
  • Focus List & Charts Display Tolerance—Specifies the number of bars tolerance to use when displaying forming patterns.
  • Display Forming Patterns—Displays patterns that are beginning to form at the right edge of the chart.
  • Assistant Display Settings—Specifies whether VisualTrader will display Assistant Tags. The Assistant Text Color option determines the color of the tag text. When you mouse over a tag in a chart, the Pattern Recognition Module displays the name of the pattern in the color you specify.
  • Pivot Points—Specifies whether to find pivot points that reinforce the short, medium, or long-terms used in VisualTrader.
  • Fibonacci Indicators—Specifies whether to display Short, Medium, or Long-term retracements on the right side of the chart. Fibonacci Retracements indicate reversal points on a price chart using ratios computed from Fibonacci numbers.


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