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Charts » Charting Symbols

Symbols are represented as cylinders in VisualTrader. Clicking on a cylinder will immediately bring up a chart for the security it represents. You can also chart a symbol by clicking on it in the Opportunity List.

You can remove a chart from your screen either by clicking on the “X” at the top, right-hand corner of the chart window, or simply by pressing the <Space Bar> on your keyboard.

Charting Symbols Example

The chart for FWRD was brought up by placing the mouse over this stock's Cylinder and clicking once.

Another quick way to chart a symbol is to type it into the Quick Chart field and press <Enter> on your keyboard. A chart is immediately displayed, and the symbol is highlighted in the list. If you do not already have that symbol in your current Map, a cylinder will be added to the Miscellaneous Group plate.

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