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Minimize Losses

Risk Management

Ask any experienced trader and they will tell you the difference between making money and
not is all about risk management. Gxtrader is build with one click fully customized risk
management to force this discipline.

Trade Right in a Chart

You make your final decisions in the chart, why
not trade there as well. Simply pull down the
intuitive “chevron” to launch a preconfigured
trade plan. » more

Visual Stops and Profit

Your live order, stop order, trailing stop and profit take levels are displayed in the chart. This way you see the price action right against the technical analysis for quick decisions. » more

Big Wins and Little Losses

In this short overview video you will see how stops, profit takes and trailing stops are placed at the same time as your entry orders all with one click.


Access to electronic services may be limited or unavailable during periods of peak demand, market volatility,
systems upgrades or maintenance, or for other reasons. Symbols, prices, groups and industries are used
for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a recommendation.